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Thank you for choosing to have a live 1 on 1 telephone consultation.

By purchasing you understand the following:

1. You must be 21 to use this service.
2. There are No Refunds for this service.
3. This is a telephone consultation, not over web cam or in person.
4. Minutes do not roll over and must be used during current call. Please only purchase the amount of time that you need.

Click on the package you would like to purchase. Once your purchase is complete have your confirmation number to give to your consultant to verify your payment.

*Your credit card will discretely billed as FHG Services*

***If you have ANY issues in regards to your consultation contact customer service:***

Consultation Packages

Package 1 (up to 10 Minutes)....$19.95

Package 2 (up to 15 Minutes)....$29.95

Package 3 (up to 20 Minutes)....$39.95

Package 4 (up to 30 Minutes)....$49.95

Package 5 (up to 60 Minutes)....$79.95